Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Glad tidings!

A very fast post this - not a blog post at all really, but a bit of rejoicing on two key points.
First, my 'sacred sites' PhD student graduated last week. Dr Aimee Blease-Bourne did a wonderful study of the landscape of Stanton Moor, the issues surrounding it, and the multiplicity of voices that praise, poeticise or polemicise this place.
And, second - The Wanton Green is just out! (A reminder - the link to the Wanton blog is http://wantongreen.blogspot.com/). I am so much looking forward to seeing the book and exploring the many ways in which people are interpreting and engaging with landscapes.
Work has intervened with posting here - more will come later! In the meantime, I'm reflecting on places and choosing photos for a presentation and for another project currently in development...