Tuesday, 2 July 2019

Silly quiz - regnal names in Britain

I haven’t posted here for far too long...

So (given the media's continuing insistence on 'royals') here’s a bit of fun, a rather silly quiz for any readers. It’s about ‘regnal’ names and numbers. Three questions;
  1. Given that since the Union of the Crowns,1603, Scotland and England have shared a monarch, how many monarchs since that time would have the same ‘regnal number’ in both countries, who share names of previous monarchs? (naming, please)

  2. Since the Union of the Crowns, how many names of monarchs did not occur previously as names of rulers in either country (in other words, they’re strictly post -Union names)? And what were these names? There are only a very few… 

  3. And, what names of monarchs are found only in Scotland or only in England before the Union of the Crowns? (Please, take this from around the year 1000, or there would be far too many…)
Any answers? - you can post here, or on my FB status to which I'll forward this.