Thursday, 18 September 2014


Waiting here, not knowing, not kenning where we are,
who we are, what we are, what we have said.
Waiting is hardest.

Tomorrow, we will know, and we need to know then
that we will work together, that we can still
take hands, whatever we did today,
and that the work of thinking, of hands and minds
of making this thing work
(whatever ‘this thing’ is)
starts then.

To all my friends and kin, with hope and vision
I promise now, to work with you, where I can,
how I can, where I can.
To create Scotland’s wealth and futures
whatever these may be.

(JB 18 September 2014, at 22.30)

Autumn evocation: A poem for the turning seasons

Not about the referendum! This was written for an event to mark the autumn equinox, this weekend. As with everything else, still draft really :)

Turns the year, turns the wheel

Scents linger, rose and honeysuckle
and perfumed herbs, now flowering,
late summer blossoms, nectar bearing
as asters bloom, actea spikes now whiten,
giving their glory to the tiring bees.

Winter skeins streak paling skies
calling ahent their echoing evocation.
Autumn beckons, nights lengthen, balancing days
as hedgehogs rustle, garnering their fuel
of small beasts, insect prey for winter sleep
And in the hedgerow, Robin sings
a winter song.

And small frogs, growing, find their shelter
in stone cairn, or in wood-pile, as the bright
colours form, of fruiting apples,
squashes, orange of pumpkins, and now, drifting,
first leaves, brown, or redden,
or turn to glowing gold.

(JB, 2014)

Monday, 1 September 2014

To my good English friends and kin

(Most of my English friends have shown quite a bit of support for the Scottish 'Yes' campaign. I would like to thank them - and to make a wee statement about this.)

I know that you know, when I vote for Independence,
that this is not about you, or your hopes or aspirations.
I am not against you,
I remain your friend.
I know, that you know, the visions for my country
I know, that you know, the way we’ve been portrayed -
the downplayed hopes, the jokes, mistaken images
(even the ‘best thing’ being the road to England):
I know that you did not believe these.

I welcome your support, your friendship beyond value.

And on September eighteenth, I know and will remember,
that you think then of my country, and you may even measure
your hopes, your aspirations, by success of mine.
And so, I look to futures still to be created,
in knowledge that you and I will continue friendships,
in separate countries, with still shared aspirations,
to freedom and justice, equality of all.
And we will talk, then, and share our mutual interest
and know we talk as equals, across a wee bit border,
in countries each with their determination,
with voice, with heart, with soul, with mind.

I know that you know, that when I vote on that day,
my hope is for creation of something that will last,
of something that enables reciprocal affections
through our so different histories,
to learn, discuss, create -
respecting each the other, with no predomination:

Scotland and England, each of us sovereign states.