Thursday, 18 September 2014

Autumn evocation: A poem for the turning seasons

Not about the referendum! This was written for an event to mark the autumn equinox, this weekend. As with everything else, still draft really :)

Turns the year, turns the wheel

Scents linger, rose and honeysuckle
and perfumed herbs, now flowering,
late summer blossoms, nectar bearing
as asters bloom, actea spikes now whiten,
giving their glory to the tiring bees.

Winter skeins streak paling skies
calling ahent their echoing evocation.
Autumn beckons, nights lengthen, balancing days
as hedgehogs rustle, garnering their fuel
of small beasts, insect prey for winter sleep
And in the hedgerow, Robin sings
a winter song.

And small frogs, growing, find their shelter
in stone cairn, or in wood-pile, as the bright
colours form, of fruiting apples,
squashes, orange of pumpkins, and now, drifting,
first leaves, brown, or redden,
or turn to glowing gold.

(JB, 2014)

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